Connecting from Off-Campus

Frequently Asked Questions & Known Issues

Who can access library databases from off-campus?

If you are a currently enrolled St. Gregory's University CAS or CCS student, faculty, or staff member, you may use the library's electronic databases from off-campus. Publisher licenses restrict us from providing off-campus access to other users.

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Which databases are available from off-campus?

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When I try to access a database, I'm prompted for a username and password. What do I use?

  • If you are a CAS or CCS Student: Login using your last name as your username and your 9-digit SGU ID number as your password.

For example:

username: yourlastname
password: 123456789

Your SGU ID number is the 9-digit number located on your SGU ID Card.  Upon enrollment at the University, all CAS & CCS students are assigned a St. Gregory’s University ID number.  If you are a new student or have a new ID number, you may need to contact the library to be added to our system.

  • If you are Faculty or Staff:  Login using your SGU email (do not  include the username and password.

If you are unable to log in using either of these methods, please contact the library reference desk at 405-878-5111, the Technology Librarian at 405-878-5409, send an email to, or Ask a Librarian.

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What is a proxy server?

The proxy server is a computer on campus that uses EZProxy software to re-route your requests for licensed resources after authenticating you as an SGU student, faculty or staff member.  It acts as an intermediary between your computer and the library's licensed electronic resources by virtually providing your machine with an SGU IP address, as if you were on campus.

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Why do I need to log in to the proxy server?

The proxy server ensures the library provides off-campus access to licensed electronic resources only to authorized SGU users, as required by the terms of our license agreements.  Authorized users are currently enrolled St. Gregory's University CAS or CCS students, faculty, and staff members.

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When I try to sign into the proxy server, I get a message that says "This is cookie.htm from the docs subdirectory."

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I never see the page where I am supposed to log in.

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I got an EZProxy Hostname error. What do I do?

You will get an EZProxy Hostname Error page when you attempt to access content on a computer host that has not yet been set up for use by EZProxy.  Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries.

To help the library correct this error, please email us at that includes the name of the resource you were trying to access and the content of the error message you received.

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