Mathematics Research Guide

This information guide was designed for students in math classes.  The sources highlighted here can assist in answering class assignments and provide sources for research papers.

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Find Web Sources

The following resources provide information to help you find scholarly resources on the web.


General Resources

Math Forum@Drexel - An open website of problems and puzzles, online mentoring, research, team problem solving, collaborations, and professional development.


Khan Academy - Math - Online video tutorials on wide variety of math topics, from beginner to advanced levels.


MathWorld - An extensive mathematical resource, MathWorld is a nexus of mathematical information in both the mathematics and educational communities.


Digital Library of Mathematical Functions - Information about and examples of special math functions from The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).


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Academic Integrity at SGU

Plagiarism is a violation of the St. Gregory's University Classroom Academic Integrity policy.

Classroom Academic Integrity

St. Gregory's University expects its students to demonstrate integrity in their academic work.

Acts violating academic honesty include

1. Cheating on examinations, quizzes or other written work;

2. Giving assistance to or receiving assistance from another during an examination or quiz;

3. Plagiarism, defined as:

  • The use of anotherís published work (either through a full quotation, partial quotation, paraphrase, or summary of an authorís ideas) without proper citation;

  • The use of another student's work as one's own;

  • The purchase, use or provision of an already prepared paper;

4. Obtaining, or attempting to obtain, copies of uncirculated examinations or examination questions; and

5. Falsifying any academic record.


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