Library Services Available to Faculty

We aim to meet the teaching, research, and informational needs of faculty by providing a range of library services. Below are some of the services commonly used by faculty.



Course Reserves

  • Reserves are course-related materials made available through the Library.
  • Items that may be put on reserve for a class include: books, journal articles, videos, CDs, etc.
  • Reserve materials check out for 2 hour  in-library-use or 1 day overnight-use unless otherwise specified.
  • Your personal copy of a resource may be made available for Reserve.  You may pick it up when your students are finished with it.
  • If there is no personal or library copy available, you may ask the library to purchase the item either by speaking with a librarian or filling out a Library Purchase Request form.



Library Instruction

The Library offers a variety of instructional services aimed at helping users become more adept at identifying, locating, and accessing print and electronic information resources. Types of instruction include:

  • General Instruction Session - This type of session can give a class a general overview of the Library webpage and a basic introduction to the online catalog and Library databases. A brief Library tour is often included.
  • Course-related Session - These sessions focus on library resources valuable to a course or related to a class assignment. Most sessions can include time for students to begin their research with librarian assistance.
  • Information Literacy Session - A librarian teaches students how to locate, evaluate and use information to make informed decisions. Specific lessons might include evaluating websites, choosing the best resources for a project, ethical and legal use of information, or the appropriate way to cite sources.
  • Research Appointment Session - An instructor can reserve time in the library for a class to meet and receive help from a librarian in actively researching an assignment. A General Instruction or Course Related Session is a pre-requisite.



Special Borrowing Privileges

  • Faculty at St. Gregory's may borrow circulating books for an entire semester. Materials on loan to faculty are due back on the last day of the semester.
  • Faculty are exempt from library overdue fines but are encouraged to return books that they no longer need so that others may have access to them.



Course Guides

  • A librarian can build a subject guide for a specific course much like the general Research Guides on the Library homepage.
  • Course Guides help your students to narrow their focus to particular library materials and databases specific to class projects.
  • Course Guides can be added to VCamp modules and will include listing for books, e-books, periodicals, databases, videos, websites, etc. These guides help your students find essential information for their research.



Embed a Librarian

  • A librarian is assigned to your online class as a "teaching assistant.
  • The "Embedded Librarian" will monitor discussions and provide assistance to students struggling to find academic quality resources.



Equipment Available in the Library

  • TV with DVD player or VHS player
  • Projector cart
  • Digital cameras and tripods
  • VHS to DVD transfer system
  • Phonograph (record) player
  • Overhead projector and projector screen
  • Reel to reel tape player
  • Carousel projector
  • Scanner
  • System printer
  • Paper cutter
  • 3 hole punch
  • Heavy duty sapler

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