Library Resources - Troubleshooting

Check Your Internet Connection

Change Browsers

Some of our databases and our online catalog do not function well in Microsoft Edge (the new Windows 10 browser). Please try switching to Chrome, Firefox, or an older edition of Internet Explorer and see if the information you are trying to access is more readily available.

Restart Your Computer

Sometimes, restarting your computer or device can clear out troublesome errors and cached files (clearing your browsing history can also help). If your operating system has updates that need to be installed, let these run - it may be that your system just needed a reboot.

Help Us to Help You!

If none of the above options seems to help with accessing Library information on your computer, please let us know!

Take a screenshot of the page or pages that are giving you trouble and e-mail them with comments to

If you do not know how to take a screenshot, use a digital camera or your phone to take a picture and either send it or bring it to us at the Library!

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